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Morse code ringtone generator

Update! This page came to life in 2005 when nearly all mobile phones used MIDI
to play ringtones and a whole industry based on transcribing songs/tunes still existed.
back then I worked as one of the gnomes busily trying to render full songs into single
melody lines for the most basic beeping phones, right up to 16 channel General MIDI
arrangements for the most advanced.

I've updated the player on this page to render MIDI in the current browsers, but if you've
a really old device it should still work (if you can get the file onto your phone), and
modern phones can sometimes still play MIDI. Back in 2005 this was the worlds first online
morse ringtone generator and was wildly popular, but within a year real audio sounded
the death knell of a curious and short-lived little industry.

AndyB - June 2020

This page converts text into a morse code ringtone playable on most mobile phones.
If your phone can play 'polyphonic' or 'poly' ringtones it should work fine . If your phone
has WAP internet access you should be able to download ringtones (for free) directly
from this site. You can also play them back and/or save them on your PC or MAC
Cheers! AndyB - M1RGZ

Type in a message below and click 'Make Morse!' to get started

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Here is some of the feedback I've had recently - big thanks to you all :)

I downloaded to my music folder on my Android Google1 and then selected as a ringtone from the menu.
Work flawless. Great job! Long live to Morse!!! 

Had no problem downloading the ringtone to my Audiovox SMT-5600 smartphone!  Thanks!

It work GREAT for me, I have a Blackberry 7290 with Cingular.
Thanks for the GREAT Site

Works great with my Blackberry 8700c.  Thanks very much for this very cool CW ringtone generator.
Much appreciated.

Midi ringtone via WAP worked on my BlackBerry 8703e! Thanks!

Your Morse ringtone generator is one of the coolest sites on the net!  Works great with my
Blackberry 7100T.  Thanks for all your work and Morse lives forever!

Wow, I really like what you've done. I just uploaded to my cingular v3 RAZR phone,
works flawlessly and did it in less than a minute without any technical knowledge.

I really want to thank you for the most unique ringtone creation, bar none! Works perfect on my
Razr and is exactly what my old school ham radio mind was looking for. Thank you kind sir!

I saved the .mid files to my hard drive, and then used QPST to transfer them to my LG VX4650,
(USB cable connection required). The .mid files need to go into the user\sound\ringer directory
on the VX4650. This process worked perfectly on my phone and should also work on many other
phones, (though the path for the .mid files might be different).

Worked first time with LG-L1400. Really appreciate it, tnx es 73

It's the neatest thing since sliced bread!  Thanks for your effort.  I downloaded it to my 
LG CU515 and it recognized it as a ring tone, no problem! 

I successfully downloaded a morse ringtone directly to a Cingular (Motorola V180) phone.
It took a lot of searching through obscure menus, but I did it.

Thanks for a useful tool - managed to download one for a Motorola V635.

Brilliant! With Motorola V551 I just browsed to the site - it played the file and then asked
if I wanted to save it as a ringtone. Now I have "phone call" and "SMS" depending. Thanks very much.

Wow! thanks, Been trying to figure this out for years.  Just could not get the right pitch from midi
programs.  One great service. Downloaded to Nokia 2610 via their web type service.

Worked perfectly on a Nokia 6230. My first wap session too.
Only a week ago I was trying to convert CW to Windows Media files for the same
purpose and then this appears. Very timely.

Nokia 6102i, It's the Nokia that folds. The way I did this is to create the file then EMAIL
the URL to my phone.  THEN while looking at the email I sent myself went to OPTIONS then
USE DETAIL - WEB ADDRESS. The phone harvested the URL and I went directly to it and downloaded
my ring tone. THANKS

Been trying for some time now to get my callsign in morse onto my phone with
limited sucess (didn't sound quite right). Your site is great - downloaded the midi
file and then used Oxygen Phone Manager to load onto Nokia 3510i.
Well done - the spirit of amateur radio lives.

just to let you know that your tone loaded ok to my nokia 5140 cheers.

everything worked just fine! I am using a Nokia 3120!

Thanks for making this fun idea possible!

It worked on my Nokia 6010. What a cool service. Thanks.

Works perfect on Nokia 6670. Just stored file on my pc, then xfered with Nokia
PC Suite, File Xfer Function, into 6670 Phone Memory\Sounds\Simple directory.
From then on it appears in selection menu for Ring Tones on the 6670.

tnx for this great site. wap-download works fine with nokia 6610 (the one
WITHOUT camera) and E-PLUS here in germany.

Just to let you know that your morse ring tone worked fine for me. My phone is a Nokia 6230.

Phone is a Nokia 3220; download through Orange services.  This was my first attempt
(ever!) at downloading a midi file and, indeed, getting a ringtone.  So the fact that
it worked flawlessly is both pleasing and surprising!
Thanks and regards

Am using a Nokia 6820 with Blue Tooth adapter using Nokia PC Suite's ring tone generator
program to load the morse code ringer to my phone.  It works great!  Nice application.

No probs downloading ringtone to my Nokia 3220, it just took a little time finding the correct
file to send it to. A great site and keep up the good work

I just gave a try to your Morse code ringtone generator and downloaded
the tone with my wap phone. I'm glad to let you know that the service works
perfectly! My phone is Nokia 6630 and my service provider is Sonera 3G/GSM (Finland).

Worked perfectly for me, Nokia 5100 on Orange UK.

Thanks so much for the service...  Lots of fun.

Worked fine on my Nokia 6630 on Vodaphone (vodaphone gprs isp)

This program you made is great. I loaded a morse ring tone to my Nokia 6200, works great!

Worked first time on the new Nokia 6101 Many thanks.

Just a note to say thank you wap service worked fine on my nokia 6820.

I tested your ringtone generator and it works great.Now I have nice ringtone on my Nokia 6100.

Great program, use it on my Nokia N90, easy to install.

Saving it as a MIDI file, then emailing it to myself was the key. I'm now enjoying morse code on my
Palm Centro, WAP phone.

Thanks for the Ringtone capability.  I was able to download from your site
to a Samsung x427m without any problems!

Works great with a Sagem myX3-2

Thanks for real novelty.  Worked great on my Sagem X5m once I found out how
to get on line with the phone.

works ok thanks on sony ericsson T610

I was able to download and store the ringtone very easily on my Sony Ericcson Z520a.

Thanks for this great little tool.

Sweet!  Downloaded to my WAP phone Sony Ericsson T610 just like you said.
I entered the url and the phone asked me if I want to download the midi.
On Confirm the midi was downloaded to "my sounds" in my phone.

Just a note to let you know that the 'Morse code ringtone generator'
works great and I was able to download the file using my Sony Ericsson P910i

Message: Worked fine on my Sony Ericson T100, no problem at all,
very straightforward to download, store, and set as ring tone. Many thanks! Thanks for the nice function. I used WAP to download and it works fine. The phone is a SonyEricson T310 Worked a treat with my Sony Ericsson K700i. Thanks for a different and distinctive ringtone. I just tried it and it works great. Using it on a Sony-Ericsson Z500a with no problems. Sounds great and is a lot of fun. It works fine on my Treo 650 (Verizon version). Thanks for a good job - great fun!! Thank you very much for the Morse Code ringtones. I've identified all my contacts with a morse ringone. Now, without even looking at the phone, I know who is calling me. Thanks man, that code generator rocks ;-)